Saturday, June 10, 2023

YouTube Spotlight: The Littlest Hobo

In this week's spotlight, we focus on a clip from our Littlest Hobo playlist that promotes another Canadian show: The Alan Hamel Show.

I am more familiar with Hamel as Suzanne Somers' husband since the late Seventies and, somewhat notoriously, her apparent negotiator for Three's Company. However, he hosted multiple successful programs before transitioning to producer, including this daytime talk show. According to this promo, the program has something for everyone, though in the end it is "just for you!"

This website says that the show's Vancouver location was designed to make it easier to draw celebrities from Los Angeles as guests. CTV started the talk show as an alternative to the daytime soaps that were dominating the schedule. 

When The Alan Hamel Show left CTV, guess what replaced it in September 1980? That's right: The Alan Thicke Show! Thicke found success in the daytime slot before heading to the States to do Thicke of the Night.

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