Tuesday, December 19, 2023

For Your Batty Consideration: Exo-Man (Season 11, Episode 7)

Our TV movie this season was Iron Ma--Well, no, it was Exo-Man, an unsold pilot that could have been a contender...with a lot of changes. We had a lot of fun talking about a show that doesn't have a ton of information about it. What worked? What didn't? Do we still want a toy of the title character? What is a "malfuntion"? And we even discovered an original theme song! If you're a fan of this forgotten movie, this is a show you gotta hear!

Our podcast episode

Show notes and YT playlist

Anonymous Batty insider says: "The flick may not be a classic, but I could see Exo-Man providing some intrigue on Batty night. It has heroes and villains, and it does stand out in its own way. David Ackroyd is no Reb Brown, but there is a certain aura when he puts on the suit."

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