Thursday, December 7, 2023

For Your Batty Consideration: Night Court (Season 11, Episode 1)

We began our eleventh season of Battle of the Network Shows with a look at the beloved 1980s NBC sitcom Night Court, talking about its cast changes, its variations in quality, and its place in the Eighties NBC pantheon. We are big fans of the show, and we saw that people were excited to see this as the season opener. 


Our podcast episode
Show notes and YT playlist

Anonymous Batty insider says: "Chatter around the podcast spiked when this episode dropped, but was it because people loved Night Court or because it was the first of the season? Maye a bit of both. This show will be a major contender in all the main categories and likely even stuff like the hair ones. Ultimately the two guys who vote are Mike and Rick, and they made it clear how much they enjoyed Night Court. Could be a big winner. Only thing to look out for is the show competing against itself in some divisions."

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