Sunday, December 17, 2023

Top Ten #279: Special "Get that shopping down now" Edition

1) Christmas: Yes, decorations are already being marked down. Stock up for 2024! I have really picked up my holiday-themed watching the last week, focusing on things I have never seen or have not seen in years.

2) Catchy Comedy: The diginet has a marathon this weekend featuring Christmas episodes many of you probably have seen, today spotlighting the likes of Bob Newhart, Taxi, Cheers, and Night Court.

3) The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas: This animated special premiered 50 years ago tonight on NBC! Click here to listen to our podcast about it.

4) The Odd Couple: Good news: The complete series was released on Blu-Ray this week. Bad news: Don't ASSUME that the music cut from the DVDs (including many nonsensical edits) was restored for the BD. You know what happens when you ASSUME...

5) John Schneider's Christmas Holiday: 40 years ago, the Dukes star got an hour special from CBS. 

6) Perry Como's Christmas in New York: Two hours later, on ABC, another TV icon celebrated the holidays. I guess ABC put it on so late because of Como's notoriously hard-edged material.

7) Eugene Levy: Happy birthday!

8) The Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce Special: 50 years ago tonight, CBS broadcast this variety show from the couple, and a print ad to promote it touted the singing and dancing debut of Richard Thomas! (Note: The clip below does not feature singing nor dancing, but it does feature 1973)

9) Sports Illustrated: Heads rolled last week after the revelation that the website had run AI-generated stories under fake bylines. The CEO was fired, and I hope they at least gave him a free Football Follies video as part of his severance package.

10) R.I.P. Ellen Holly: The first Black regular lead on a network dayltime soap (One Life to Live) died December 6/

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