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Season 11 Battys: Complete List of Nominees and Winners

We hope you enjoyed the Season 11 Batty Awards! Thanks to all of you for listening and maybe even participating via the Listener Choice prizes! Thanks as well to the good folks at Southfork Ranch for hosting us! For reference, here is a list of all the categories and the winners in bold. SPOILERS if you haven't heard the podcast yet!

OUTSTANDING DUO (VOTED BY LISTENERS): Sonny and Cher (Sonny and Cher), John Tesh and Mary Hart (Entertainment Tonight), Jonathan and Jennifer Hart (Hart to Hart), Starsky and Hutch (Starsky and Hutch), Bobby and Pam Ewing (Dallas), Robert Urich and Oprah (Star-Spangled Celebration)

OUTSTANDING YOUTH:  The Mute (Littlest Hobo), The Mime (Littlest Hobo), Jay North (Dennis the Menace), Johnny Crawford (Rifleman), Regina King (227), Charlene Tilton (Dallas), P.B. (Dennis the Menace)

OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AS ONESELF: Leonard Maltin (ET), John Tesh (ET), Ron Hendren (ET), Sonny Bono (Sonny and Cher), Cher (Sonny and Cher), Burt Reynolds (ET), Suzanne Somers (Star-Spangled), Yakov Smirnoff (Star-Spangled)

OUTSTANDING HAIR: Ron Hendren (ET), Markie Post (Night Court), Stefanie Powers (H2H), Cher (Sonny and Cher), Paul Michael Glaser (S&H), Victoria Principal (Dallas), Jay North (DTM), Atlantic Starr (Star-Spangled)

OUTSTANDING FACIAL HAIR: Leonard Maltin (ET), Mike Farrell (MASH, Hal Williams (227), Franlin Cover (227), Mark Twain (DTM), Arcade owner (Hobo)

BIGGEST DOPE: Amnesiac Jonathan Hart (H2H), Susan Nimoy as Susan Kendall (H2H) (Note: We didn't mention the character name on the pod and do not mean to indicate the actress herself is a dope), Brian George as Jonathan Forsythe (227) (Note: Ditto), Thugs (Hobo)

OUTSTANDING HEEL:  Steve Kanaly (Dallas), Cranky arcade owner (Hobo), Brian Stokes Mitchell (Night Court), Charles Lane (DTM), Irene Tedrow (DTM)

OUTSTANDING VILLAIN: Jose Ferrer (Exo-Man), John McLiam as the murderous professor (NOTE: His name is Jennings; Bellamy was another guy in the episode) (S&H), Nature (The Rifleman), Jack Ging (H2H), Larry Hagman (Dallas)

OUTSTANDING NON-HUMAN: The Littlest Hobo (Hobo), Robot (DTM), Gateway Arch (Star-Spangled), Gran Torino (S&H) Buzzards (Rifelman), Freeway (H2H)

OUTSTANDING SUPPORT STAFF: Antonio Fargas (S&H), Lionel Stander (H2H), Jamie Farr (MASH), A. Martinez (Exo-Man), Jack Colvin (Exo-Man)
NOTE: Radar was not in the episode!

MOST RIDICULOUS PREMISE OF THE 1983 NBC FALL SCHEDULE (VOTED BY LISTENERS): Man turns himself into various animals (Manimal), 60 Minutes is vulnerable enough that we can program another newsmagazine against it (First Camera), a superintelligent oragnutan becomes a government operative (Mr. Smith), two single guys hire a goregeous live-in maid for their apartment (We Got It Made), a glamorous deceased movie star comes back as a ghost to mentor a teenage boy (Jennifer Slept Here), Wyatt Earp's descendants work as carnival rousters and bounty hunters (The Rousters).

NOTE: 3-way tie between Mr. Smith, First Camera, and We Got It Made in the listener vote led to determination by random number generator.

OUTSTANDING THEME SONG (LYRICS): The Littlest Hobo, Dennis the Menace (animated), Sonny and Cher, 227

OUTSTANDING THEME SONG (INSTRUMENTAL): Night Court, Entertainment Tonight, Hart to Hart, Dallas, Dennis the Menace (live action), MASH, The Rifleman, Starsky and Hutch

NOTE: Winner determined by random number generator, with Dallas beating Night Court

From Sonny and Cher: I Got the Music in Me/Making Music Is My Business (Tina Turner and Cher)
From Star-Spangled Celebration: Roots of Rock and Roll medley (Chubby Checker), America the Beautiful (Phil Driscoll), Little Sister (Dwight Yoakam), Meet Me in St. Louis (Suzanne Somers) , St. Louis Blues (Jennifer Holliday)

OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING FEMALE: Jackee (227), Marsha Warfield (Night Court), Gloria Henry (DTM), Jenny Sullivan (S&H), Barbara Bel Geddes (Dallas)

OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING MALE: John Laroquette (Night Court), Richard Moll (Night Court), Charlie Robinson (Night Court), Bernie Hamilton (S&H), Harry Morgan (Exo-Man), Alan Arbus (MASH), Harry Morgan, (MASH), Joseph Kearns (DTM), Jim Davis (Dallas)

OUSTANDING GUEST PERFORMER: Franklin Cover (227), Pat Corley (Night Court), Marcia Wallace (Night Court), Tina Turner (Sonny and Cher), David Steinberg (Sonny and Cher)

OUTSTANDING FEMALE:  Markie Post (Night Court), Marla Gibbs (227), Stefanie Powers (H2H), Victoria Principal (Dallas), Anne Scheeden (Exo-Man), Loretta Swit (MASH)

OUTSTANDING MALE:  Harry Anderson (Night Court), Robert Wagner (H2H), Chuck Connors (Rifleman), Alan Alda (MASH), Hal Williams (227), David Soul (S&H), Paul Michael Glaser (S&H), Larry Hagman (Dallas), Patrick Duffy (Dallas)

BEST EPISODE: "Another Day in the Life," Night Court; Series Premiere and 1986 episode, Entertainment Tonight; "Small Change," Littlest Hobo; "What Murder?" Hart to Hart; "ABC Star-Spangled Celebration;" "The 50,000th Customer," Dennis the Menace (live action); "The Boss Gets Scalped/Mr. Dennistein/The Lean Green Jumping Machine," Dennis the Menace (animated); "Exo-Man;" "Bless You Hawkeye," MASH; "Tina Turner and David Steinberg," Sonny and Cher, "Ordeal," The Rifleman; "The Butler Did It," 227; "A Coffin for Starsky," Starsky and Hutch; "Pilot," Dallas

BEST SHOW: Night Court, Entertainment Tonight, The Littlest Hobo, Hart to Hart, MASH, Sonny and Cher, Dennis the Menace (animated), Dennis the Menace (live action), The Rifleman, 227, Starsky and Hutch, Dallas


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