Monday, December 18, 2023

For Your Batty Consideration: Star-Spangled Celebration (Season 11, Episode 5)

We kept the fun of Season 11 going with a special July 4 celebration from 1987, an epic ABC broadcast hosted by Robert Urich and Oprah from St. Louis. The show honored not just the USA, but reading, with literacy being a running theme. It's a unique piece of American TV history loaded with songs, vignettes, and even an appearance by BOTNS fave Yakov Smirnoff. As of now, it is still available on YouTube!

Our podcast episode

Show notes and YT playlist

Anonymous Batty insider says: "This is an interesting case because the guys relied on an upload that was not 100% complete and had some rough spots--factors that might affect the voting. This should be a huge factor in several categories, including Outstanding Performance as Oneself and Best Song. It'll be an embarrassment of riches in the song category. Does Suzanne Somers get a bump for sentiment? Reading is fundamental, but does it lead to Batty wins? We'll see."

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