Monday, December 25, 2023

Merry Christmas from BOTNS!

We have reached another holiday season, and we thank our listeners for helping make our EPIC Season 11 so much fun! The Battys are coming soon, and 2024 will see the return of the podcast, but today here are some links to our past Christmas episodes!

We just reran our first holiday special episode: A doubleheader combining The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold with A Family Circus Christmas! Stick around for a bonus at the end!

We have plenty more episodes looking at Christmas-themed animation. For example, this is the 50th anniversary of Tommy Smothers in The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas.

You can listen to us discussing the Hanna Barbera characters in Yogi Bear's All-Star Comedy Christmas Caper! Anyone else remember The Little Rascals Christmas Special?

And don't forget Season 9's Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July!

So we say again, from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, and of course Happy EVEN, even!

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