Wednesday, December 20, 2023

For Your Batty Consideration: MASH (Season 11, Episode 8)

We revisited the iconic sitcom MASH, which we talked about in our fifth season, with a focus on the later years--Potter and Winchester instead of Blake and Burns. "Bless You Hawkeye" has laughs and that patented pathos the show was known for in those later years.

Our podcast episode

Show notes and YT playlist

Anonymous Batty insider says: "It's a huge series, yeah, but some might think it already had its shot back with the Season 5 Battys. Despite a great episode, "Tuttle," MASH won only one Batty and didn't rack up a lot of noms, either. Has the show grown in their minds? Will the increased number of categories help? I don't know, but the fact that we're asking the questions may not be a good sign for such a classic. Bottom line: The "second time around" thing might hinder the series' chances.

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