Sunday, December 24, 2023

Top Ten #280: Special Yuletide joy edition

1) Christmas: It's almost here! Let's enjoy the season and enjoy the greatest of all holiday specials once more: The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold!

No, I mean the other greatest of all holiday specials:

2) The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold: Of course, we presented an encore presentation of one of our holiday-themed episodes this week, and I had the joy of sharing the original special with Laurie the other day. It was followed by the confusion of wondering what we just saw.

3) A Family Circus Christmas: This 1979 special is the other spotlighted program on the podcast flashback this week. I STILL hide the nice drinkware when Sarah Vaughn hits that high note in "The Dreamer."

4) The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Batty Season, that is. We hope you have been following our posts here lately and picking your favorites in anticipation. Who do you like for best series? How about theme song? And who will be this season's Robert Pine Genius Award recipient?

5) Susan Lucci: Happy birthday!

6) Daytime Emmys: Lucci was among those honored (Lifetime Achievement Award) at this year's ceremony, which also celebrated Entertainment Tonight and General Hospital. Sesame Street was among the winners at the Children's and Family Emmys.

7) The FBI: Quinn Martin's long-running show is now available on demand on Tubi.

8) Hart to Hart: I have been chuckling about this Christmas episode the last few days. Jonathan Hart's unique brand of benign smugness is a winner each time, even in (especially in?) the holiday season.

9) The New Adventures of Batman: McFarlane Toys announced a new line of action figures based on the Filmation 1977 cartoon, and I think they look pretty good. It irritates me, though, that a toy line is coming out and the series is no longer on streaming. Tubi had it for a brief period, but I don't think Max has ever carried it. Maybe now it will come back to help sell the toys?

10) R.I.P. Jack Axelrod and Herman Rush: Victor Jerome on General Hospital and the former president of Columbia Pictures Television, respectively.


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