Monday, June 28, 2021

3 shows I'd like to see streaming in July 2021

Last month I lucked out on That's My Mama coming to Crackle, so let's take another few guesses/wishes for BOTNS-era shows on streaming video services in July 2021. The early lists make this look like a terrible month, and June wasn't all that great, so let's hope we get some surprises. There is one notable program I think may well make an unannounced appearance next month, but I can't reveal that one, so here are my votes for a few other pleasant and unexpected adds:

*Night Court on HBO Max: HBO Max's official list of July additions is noticeably devoid of catalog shows, licensed shows, and anything before 1990. It's time, HBO! We've heard about the reboot for months, we're getting more casting announcements each month...Please don't hold this back for the fall. Throw us a bone and give us a classic sitcom in July.  Its relative lack of exposure in recent years makes this a refreshing newcomer to streaming if it arrives.

*Kojak on Peacock: This streamer is going in the wrong direction as far as catalog content goes (We still don't know why they yanked so many of its classic movies shortly after launc). It appears to be sitting out the summer, assuming the Olympics is enough to bring in new eyeballs. Well, it isn't.

According to Peacock itself, it is LOSING Little House on the Prairie next month, and I have no idea why unless someone else has licensed it for it a run. So maybe there is "room" for one more. I'm assuming Shout! only had DVD rights and not streaming rights, or it would have put it on its OWN channel long ago. So let's see Theo Kojak hit Peacock in July.

*The Ken Berry WOW! Show on Shout! TV: This is the kind of oddball show Shout! adds from time to time, and it has streamed many programs from the TV Classics library of Paul Brownstein, most recently adding CPO Sharkey and several Don Rickles specials.  Shout! even has music-heavy shows like some of the Glen Campbell variety programs, so maybe it can bring us the short-lived but notable 1972 summer-replacement series. In addition to Berry, the cast includes Steve Martin and Terri Garr. It's only 5 episodes and would be a cool summer breeze for classic TV fans.

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