Monday, June 14, 2021

This Day in TV History: NBC Comedy Theater: And Baby Makes Five

50 years ago tonight,  NBC gave its viewers another installment of NBC Comedy Theater, or as they might have called it, Unsold Pilot Theater. This is an interesting one, though, and I like this description from the "TV Scout Report" (I believe syndicated) in a PA newspaper of the time:

Hal Kanter, who created and produced Julia, and who is doing the James Stewart series for next season, wrote And Baby Makes Five, a sometimes comedy on Comedy Theater. Cliff Robertson and Angie Dickinson, who weren't the names when this was made that they are today, star as a city pair who head for the country. Gee, it sounds just like Green Acres.

Ouch! Note that this show should not be confused with Baby Makes Five, a Peter Scolari sitcom that had 5 episodes on ABC in April 1983. Yet I don't have a link to a video of the 1971 show, so here are the opening credits from the 1983 one:

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