Thursday, June 17, 2021

Show Notes: Episode 9-1: The Rockford Files "The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit"

*We give special thanks to all of our listeners as we kick off our ninth season!

*Thanks also Ed Robertson's invaluable book about the series, 45 Years of the Rockford Files, available here in its latest edition.

*The Rockford Files aired 6 seasons on NBC, March 27, 1974 (when the pilot aired; the series proper began Fall 1974) to January 1980 (when the sixth season was cut short, as we discuss on the show). It ran for 123 episodes and won an Emmy in 1977 for Best Drama. Robertson says in his book that he learned the episode "Quickie Nirvana" (Season 4) was the one submitted for consideration that season.

*"The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit" is the second episode of The Rockford Files' third season. The series 

*The character Mike mentions, Lew Archer, had a short-lived TV series in 1975, and you can catch the intro in this week's YouTube playlist.

*Robert Mitchum narrated the "Beef: It's What's for Dinner" campaign in 1992, and contrary to what I suggested on the podcast, he came after James Garner's "Real Food for Real People" spots, which ended after the latter star had quintuple bypass surgery!

*Harry O with David Janssen aired two seasons on ABC, 1974-1976.

*Serpico with David Birney lasted one season on NBC (1976).

*You can see clips from the above series and a whole lot more in this week's video playlist.

*Guest star Robert Webber amassed his staggering list of credits in the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties before dying too young at 65 in 1989. He played Maddie Hayes' father in multiple episodes of Moonlighting.

*The late Joe Santos is in 7 episodes of The Sopranos as Angelo Garepe, Carmine's consigliere.

*The episode that bested this one for the Edgar award for writing: James John Sweeney's "Requiem for Murder." It's not Quincy, but The Streets of San Francisco.

*Some other episodes we mention and recommend on the podcast:

*"Irving the Explainer" is in Season 4.
*Rita Moreno first appears in Season 4's "The Paper Palace," and please give us credit for not picking her episode for the sole purpose of making her Batty-eligible and BEGOT-eligible.
*The rock and roll/mob episode Mike mentions is Season 6's two-part "Only Rock and Roll Will Never Die," also written by David Chase.
*Isaac Hayes' Gandy Fitch first appears in Seasons 2's "The Hammer of C Block." Season 3's "just Another Polish Wedding" is the backdoor pilot for the proposed Gabby and Gandy series with Hayes and Louis Gossett, and it's one of the best backdoor pilots you'll see.

*The Rockford Files is currently on Peacock (the free tier) and Roku Channel.

*BOTNS' discussion in this episode is not an endorsement of the use of illicit substances in the recording industry nor the use of mentalism in law enforcement.

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