Thursday, June 24, 2021

Show Notes: Episode 9-2: SCTV

*SCTV aired--wait, I know I do this a lot in the show notes, but do I really have to break down the broadcast history of this one?

Well, it ran 135 episodes in first-run syndication, NBC, and Cinemax! Please go here for more detailed info.

*Martin Short played interviewer Brock Linehan, a character inspired by Brian Linehan, host of City Lights, a talk show that got syndication in both the USA and Canada.

*The Zontar episode of SCTV (from season 4) aired October 30, 1981 after The Tonight Show (with Michael Landon and Steve Landesberg) and against Fridays on ABC and a double-overtime NBA game on CBS.

*Marty Feldman's appearance on Fridays on that night doesn't seem to be related to any specific project he was promoting.

*Here is the fascinating stuff I mentioned about NBC's broadcast of Halloween.

*Hatchy Milatchy aired on WNEP (Scranton, PA) up until the late 1980s.

*There is an appalling lack of Bonar Bain footage on YouTube. He was in an episode of Maude ("Vivian's Surprise") as Arnold Harmon, twin brother of Arthur; and on an episode of Diff'rent Strokes ("The Van Drummonds") as Anna van Drummond (yes, Anna).

You know, Kimberly plays cousin Hans in that episode, so as a kid I always assumed Ana was Conrad Bain in--say it with me--a rare dual role.

*Joel Silver was active in Hollywood at the time of this episode but not really "a thing" until afterwards. Apparently Silver played a role in Moranis getting on SCTV, so while people now can say the Larry Siegel character is a takeoff on Silver, in 1981, no one outside "the biz" would have known that.

And just because it amused me and I was not used to seeing bad things said about Rick Moranis, here is an unattributed quote on IMDB by Michael Pare about Streets of Fire:
"Rick Moranis drove me out of my mind. There's this whole wave of insult comedy. In the real world, if someone insults you a couple of times, you can smack them. Or punch them. You can't do that on a movie set. And these comedians walk around, and they can say whatever they want. I'm just not that handy with that. Comedians are a special breed. They can antagonize you and say whatever they... want, and you can't do anything to stop them... He's this weird looking little guy who couldn't get laid in a whore house with a fistful of fifties. He would imitate me. The first thing he says to me is, "Do you just act cool, or are you really cool?" That was the first sentence out of his mouth to me in Joel Silver's office. And I was like, "Oh... this is not going to go well." But he was one of Joel's dear friends, and he ended up making a bunch of movies for Disney. I just wasn't that sharp. I wasn't ready for that kind of crap".

*Here is the 2009: Jupiter and Beyond segments Mike mentions. Visit our official YouTube playlist for this episode for tons more of the segments we talk about and much, much more!

*We don't have any more information about that Scorcese-directed Netflix reunion special, but we wish we knew when it was coming! Last I saw, it was in limbo but not dead.

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