Sunday, June 20, 2021

Top Ten #121

1) The Rockford Files: We're so happy to be back with another season of the podcast, and we're thrilled to kick it off with a show as cool as Rockford. Maybe someday we'll get around to Eischeid (see below promo):

2) Fathers: Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there!

3) Super Friends: The World's Greatest Superheroes are on HBO Max, and it looks like it's the whole run, even some that weren't on DC Universe. Time for a Challenge of the Super Friends marathon! We talked about one incarnation of the series here.

4) Noah Beery Jr.: Speaking of fathers, how about ol' Rocky? 

5) Gretchen Corbett: One of our other faves from the series also stars in short-lived 1980s show Otherworld:

6) The Last Detail: On this day in 1976, ABC aired an unsold comedy pilot based on the 1973 Hal Ashby film. This sounds like a horrible idea, but who had the last laugh? Yes, ABC, which got a lead-in for its coverage of Olympic swimming trials.

Hey, it's Father's Day, and I'm in a positive mood.

Good luck to Robert Lyons, who got the Jack Nicholson role. It also starred Cindy Williams and Charles Robinson--I believe the same one who played Mack on Night Court, but it's hard to verify because I can't even find an IMDB listings for this one. Lee Goldberg's book has no airdate but lists Jackie Cooper as the director with Columbia the production company.

7) Walk of Fame: Many TV stars are getting Hollywood Walk of Fame stars in 2022 as per an announcement this week, including James Hong, who was in the Rockford episode we discussed! Others include Jean Smart, Holly Robinson-Peete, and the ubiquitous Byron Allen.

8) Taxi and Cheers: There are a lot worse things you could do for your old man this weekend than let him watch the marathon of these two shows on Decades this weekend.  Of course, you could also get him the DVD so he can watch without edits (mostly) and commercials, you cheap SOB!

9) Grant Tinker: On Maltin on Movies last week, guest James L. Brooks said Tinker was a really great guy and a wonderful boss.  Let's see if Tinker returns the favor in this clip (bizarre if he does considering it was recorded over 20 years ago).

10) R.I.P.: Frank Bonner and John Paragon.

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