Saturday, June 26, 2021

You Tube Spotlight: The New Show (1984)

As part of this week's video playlist celebrating SCTV, we include a John Candy clip from The New Show:

We could do a whole pod episode on The New Show someday, but for now, if you don't know about it, it was Lorne Michaels' primetime comedy/variety show that aired midseason 1983-1984 (so January 1984), right before he returned to Saturday Night Live.

The show was a massive flop despite quality guests and a recurring cast that included fellow SCTV alum Dave Thomas, Buck Henry, and Valri Bromfield. But did it ever really have a chance? NBC stuck it on Friday nights, which CBS ruled with Dallas, and this was after a Fall lineup that included notorious bombs Manimal and Mr. Smith. So it was a tough road from the beginning.

Here's a good look back at the series. Don't expect to find it on Peacock someday, though, because according to his staffers interviewed for that piece, "It's not something Lorne wants remembered."

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