Sunday, June 13, 2021

Top Ten #120

1) Norman Lloyd: Ed Robertson welcomed Columbo Phile author Mark Dawidziak on the TV Confidential podcast recently, and they discussed the time Lloyd directed an episode of the detective series ("Lady in Waiting") while Peter Falk was feuding with the studio and producers! It's a great story well worth a listen.

2) The Love Boat: Hey, if it's good enough for David Letterman, it's good enough for me!

3) Like Magic: CBS aired this unsold pilot 40 years ago tonight. A contemporary TV preview in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says: "For the kids: Melissa Gilbert stars in Like Magic, a fast half-hour of comedy and magic acts. And good, clean fun."

4) Richard Thomas: Happy 70th birthday to the former Waltons star! I know one thing we won't be getting him: a wooden plank.

5) National Kitchen Klutzes Day: What a glorious holiday THIS is! How will you celebrate? By starting a fire? By losing a digit? Or merely botching an important meal?

6) Harry's Battles: Take a look at this unsold pilot with Dick Van Dyke if you missed our post about it earlier this week.

7) Strong National Museum of Play: This Variety article says the Rochester museum plans a game show collection. Hopefully they have some artifacts from Face the Music and Sale of the Century!

8) Mama's Family: If you are getting tired of Father's Day hype, maybe the Mama's marathon on Decades this weekend will be an effective antidote.

9) Seinfeld Funko Pops: Anyone get the Kramer and pretend it's a Michael Richards Fridays figure?

10) R.I.P. This week we say goodbye to Clarence Williams III, John Sacret Young (China Beach creator), and the great Larry Gelman.

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