Sunday, June 27, 2021

Top Ten #122

1) SCTV: This week, we discussed the reliably awesome comedy show and had a great time discussing memorable sketches, characters, and of course ZONTAR! Check out our official playlist for the episode for many clips, but here is one more bonus promo:

2) Joe Flaherty: We mentioned on the podcast how much we loved this particular SCTV cast member, though he wasn't showcased as well in the particular episode we cover. So here's another quick look at him:

3) National Sunglasses Day: Is this a legitimate holiday? Who cares if it gives me an excuse to post this again:

4) Andrea Martin: Another one of our favorites from SCTV gets another shoutout in this space, and, oh, yeah, how about Catherine O'Hara (but she gets more than enough pub for Schitt's Creek):

5) General Hospital: Congratulations to the long-long-longtime soap for its big Daytime Emmy win this week. I think it beat out ones of other soaps for the honor.

6) Laraine Newman: The comedy vet was on the TV Confidential podcast and made a charming guest. And oddly, she's also testifying in the ongoing trial of Robert Durst! 

7) America Talks Back: 35 years ago tonight, NBC gave an hour of its schedule to the PEOPLE! That is, it aired the thoughts of the public on television itself, as this contemporary article explains.

8) The Greatest American Hero: How's this for a scenario: Decades is showing dozens of episodes this weekend. In how many will Bill and Pam wear the same shirt?

9) Marv Albert: The legendary icon has retired as Turner's voice of the NBA, and rather than make cheap jokes here, let's watch a clip of Marvelous Marv back in the day:

10) Joanne Linville: R.I.P.

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