Sunday, October 3, 2021

Top Ten #135

1) The Rockford Files: We revived our ninth-season opener this week with our exclusive power rankings of the characters this week, and number one may surprise you!

Well, no, actually, it won't.  But number 8 might!

What do you think?

2) Art Hondros and the many stars of BOTNS: Please check out this brilliant artist, creator of the awesome new design in our store!

3) Madlyn Rhue: Happy birthday to the late Madlyn Rhue, who of course we know as Fences from Poor Devil.  Since no one has yet compiled her scenes from that one, here is this:

4) Ricardo Montalban: One of our favorites from this past season sat down with TCM for an extensive interview in 1995, and it's a recent addition to its YouTube channel:

5) National Boyfriend Day: You know who makes a nice, reliable boyfriend? George Glass. Jan really lucked out when she met that guy, didn't she?

6) Captain Kangaroo: Bob Keeshan's seminal show premiered on this day in 1955 and entertained many kids throughout the 1970s and 1980s. 

7) Jack Wagner: Happy birthday to the former Frisco Jones, and thanks for giving me an excuse to post a Solid Gold clip!

8) Red Flag: The Ultimate Game: This movie premiered 40 years ago tonight on CBS. The cast includes Barry Bostwick, William Devane, and Joan Van Ark, and how 1980s does that sound?

9) Night Court: The reboot just got a series order from NBC. Please, please, please let this be a way to get the original on HBO Max or Peacock (HBO Max can do better, IMHO, than Family Matters, Step by Step, and Full House, all of which are new on there this month)!

10) Soul Train Thanks to Mario500 (check out his site here) for passing along this episode of the It's Been a Minute podcast (adapted for the web for your reading pleasure, too) appreciating the long-running show that we just discussed this season!

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