Sunday, October 17, 2021

Top Ten #137

1) SCTV: We did another round of power rankings this week, and this one may have been the toughest yet with the depth on this series. What do you think about the list?

2) Fantasy Island: This season we discussed Roarke's first (that we see) confrontation with Satan, but 40 years ago tonight, the follow-up, The Devil and Mr. Roarke, premiered on ABC, with Roddy McDowall returning and using Julie to force another showdown. 

3) Working Stiffs: Just this week I listened to Michael Keaton's appearance on Bill Simmons' podcast, and it was worth another bizarre reference to Cheers being "super dated" to hear a minute of discussion on this forgotten Keaton/Belushi sitcom.

4) William Shatner: Became the oldest man in space. Are we 100% sure he's human? Next up, let's pay tribute to his iconic TJ Hooker role by letting him be the oldest human to go on a ride-along.

5) Wonder Woman: Decades has a marathon of the series this weekend.

6) Bing Crosby: The legend's estate signed a deal that will b-b-b-bring in beaucop bu-bu-bu-bucks--oh, yeah, and help keep his name out there and preserve his legacy.

7) Elvis and the Beauty Queen: NBC debuted this TV movie 40 years ago tonight. Don Johnson played the King with support from Stephanie Zimbalist:

8) Return of the Rebels: Also premiering tonight 40 years ago, this TV BIKER movie features Barbara Eden reassembling Jamie Farr, Robert Mandan, Don Murray, and Christopher Connelly to counter a gang led by Patrick Swayze! OK, I gotta see this one!

9) National Pasta Day: Carb up, everyone!

10) R.I.P. David DePatie: He helped bring a lot of animation to TV over the years.

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