Sunday, October 24, 2021

Top Ten #138: Special "almost Halloween" edition!

1) The Munsters: We did maybe the last of our Season 9 Power Rankings on Friday, with little controversy over the top choices, but Friend of the Show Dann Fox asked about The Standells. We left off celebs playing themselves, but they certainly warrant a mention, so here they are, ladies and gents, and note that an actual Standell appears to be present in the comments for this clip!

2) Aloha Paradise: In case you missed our post earlier this week, Gilmore Box uploaded the intro to an episode of this 1981 flop, and it's a glorious Love Boat  ripoff...from the people who did Love Boat! I know I've had a long crusade to get Quincy on streaming video--maybe I need to yell at Asten more--but I may have to set that aside to get Aloha running somewhere.

3) The Horror Hall of Fame: Vincent Price welcomes guests like John Carradine to celebrate classic horror movies and performers in this 1974 ABC special aired under the Wide World of Entertainment banner.

4) Dark Night of the Scarecrow: This memorable CBS movie premiered 40 years ago tonight.

5) National Bologna Day: Yeah, we could go with the kid spelling, but how about something different:

The important thing is that we all celebrate bologna.

6) Soul Train: This week saw an announcement that the Soul Train Music Awards will return in November on BET and will take place at the Apollo. I'd like to think somewhere Don Cornelius is seeing this news and wishing us all peace, love, and exploitation of intellectual property!

7) Snoopy at the Ice Follies: Anything on ice is fun, right? Right? 50 years ago tonight, NBC hoped we'd think so. There isn't a lot out there about this first of multiple Peanuts ice specials, but I found this cool blog post that has a publicity picture and info about the Columbia Gas sponsorship of this and other entertainment specials. I find it amusing that according to this post, the company gave customers a newsletter called Gaslight.

8) Maggie: 40 years ago tonight, ABC premiered sitcomt Maggie from the mind of popular columnist Erma Bombeck. The cast included Miriam Flynn as a Bombeck type, James Hampton, and Doris Roberts.

9) Fortune Dane/Starman: Crackle's latest additions to its streaming lineup are these 1980s short-lived ABC series with Carl Weathers and Robert Hays respectively.

10) R.I.P. Peter Scolari: We talked about his work as Michael on Newhart right here, but he had a prolific career and left a big mark. Check out the cast in this 1991 Disney Channel movie:

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