Friday, April 29, 2022

Power Rankings Friday: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood!

This week we celebrate our latest podcast episode by ranking the denizens of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood! Note that some of the show favorites like Chef Brockett, Mr. McFeely, and even ol' Freddie Ro himself are not eligible since this list focuses on the "fictional" part of the program and the characters who were only seen in that portion:

1) X the Owl: I said on the podcast that X was the most appealing character in the Make-Believe. I like the way he looks and his enigmatic nature. Is he a representative of the undefinable crossover between knowledge and imagination?

Or maybe he's just an owl. But he's cool. And I love that his name is just "X."

2) King Friday: Mike once described His Majesty's nature as "mercurial," and that says it best, though Friday is rather subdued in the episode we discuss on the podcast. Let's be honest here: Friday is sometimes, well, a bit of a jerk. Does the land of Make-Believe even need a king? What is his lineage, anyway?

I'm just asking questions here. As a character, King Friday shakes things up and makes good television, so I don't want to see him go anywhere.

3) Lady Aberlin: Her interactions with Daniel Tiger remind me of what they used to say about Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire: She gave him class, and he gave her broad philosophical questions that were impossible to resolve in a single 10-minute segment.

4) Handyman Negri: He's just so darned amiable that you got to love him. And besides, I could use someone to help with some grout repair.

Do they even have grout in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe?

5) Henrietta Pussycat: Her speech patters, meow, can be a little, meow, annoying, meow, yet also, meow, kind of fascinating. Meow.

Not ranked but also receiving consideration: Neighbor Aber (mainly just for the name, I admit), the controversial Lady Elaine, Queen Sarah, Henrietta, Prince Tuesday, Daniel Tiger

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