Saturday, April 16, 2022

R.I.P. Gilbert Gottfried

I want to take some time today to express appreciation for the life and career of Gilbert Gottfried, whose death after a long illness shook us earlier this week. We remember him as a performer in the 1980s on shows like Night Court and Saturday Night Live as well as for standup appearances.

However, I think I can speak for Mike in saying that the podcast he did with Frank Santopadre, the Amazing Colossal Podcast, has been a source of inspiration for us--not so much in approach or theme or in Cesar Romero jokes, but in spirit. In each episode, Gil and Frank (and often their guests) share their love of show business and old entertainment--the good, the bad, and the what the heck did I just see?

We hope that a similar sense of fun comes through on our own humble but sincere podcast along with a true love of what we're talking about, yes, even if we don't love it.  It's a celebration of what we grew up watching. So today as we express condolences for thr friends and family of Gilbert Gottfried and also for Frank Santopadre, we thank the guys for their great podcast, which entertained us but also served as an example for celebrating pop culture with appropriate affection and sometimes irreverence while never taking ourselves too seriously.

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