Saturday, April 9, 2022

Welcome back, Major League Baseball!

Ah, Opening Day--what a time for a Pirates fan. By the time I sat down to eat dinner and try to catch up, my team had lost 9-0 and seen its young star 3B leave the game in the first inning after an injury.

Major League baseball has a lot of problems, but I am happy to see it return. During the lockout, I said I was going to post an old commercial or clip each week or so until it was over, and soon after, bam, a labor agreement materialized. You're welcome!

In case you are in the mood to celebrate opening weekend with some baseball on, er, a non-baseball-themed podcast, here are some options:

Willie Stargell and Bob Uecker were featured on the episode of Greatest Sports Legends we talked about.

We wanted to see Ball Four, the short-lived sitcom based on Jim Bouton's iconic memoir...and Mike did!

Last season, we covered The Baseball Bunch with Johnny Bench and guest star Chet Lemon!

And when we talked about Voyagers!, the boys met babe Ruth!

And before we go, how about an old baseball promo:

So get ready to step up to the line, toss that ol' pigskin, and shoot a goal! Baseball is back!

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