Thursday, April 7, 2022

Let It Be Lowenbrau (hoops edition) on National Beer Day

That's right, it's National Beer Day!

"Hey, you hosers, up here, that's called every day."
--Bob and Doug

To celebrate, as tempting as it would be to rejoin Dolan and the lads, we present a NEW (well, you know what we mean) Lowenbrau commercial, one appropriate to honor the just-ended March Madness of the NCAA tournaments.

In case you can't see the video embedded above, an older basketball coach congratulates his victorious protege after their game.  The winning coach is gracious, saying he had the best teacher, and the defeated one also shows class but asks if he was taught the tradition of the winner buying a Lowenbrau. They then share warm complimentary remarks at the bar over a couple bottles a' Lowenbrau.

The spot features all that I love about this old ad campaign: Idealized (but heartfelt) portrayals of male friendship, an overall ambience of camaraderie and good cheer, and Arthur Prysock singing that terrific jingle. Let It Be Lowenbrau, indeed!

I only have one question:  You have Lowenbrau and basketball. Why not use Jimmy Valvano?

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