Sunday, April 10, 2022

Top Ten #172

1) Major League Baseball returns!: Sure, the game has problems on and off the field. Sure, the entire offseason seemed designed to drive away the fan base. Sure--eh, hey, let's keep it positive and catch some BASEBALL FEVER!

2) Encourage a Young Writer Day: You can do it, John Boy! You can do it!

3) The 1972 Academy Awards: 50 years ago tonight, the annual ceremony showcased The French Connection and its principals as well as Supporting Actress winner Cloris Leachman:

4) Doris Day: To celebrate what would have been her 100th birthday last week, Turner Classic Movies showed a couple of episodes of the star's sitcom and a few television specials, then posted them on their app for a week or so. That alone means Watch TCM added more classic TV content in April than HBO Max, Disney Plus, Hulu...

5) Country Comes Home: 40 years ago tonight, CBS gave us an all-star look at the Grand Ole Opry with Johnny Cash, Crystal Gayle, and many more. My question is, when Country comes home, does it find its wife has left, took the dog, and left only a few empty whiskey bottles?

6) Olivia Brown: Happy birthday to the star best known as Trudy on Miami Vice!

7) Emergency!: Hey, here's a show that rarely if ever comes up on the podcast. Until we do get to it, The Retroist did a cool look at the series on his pod.

8) Discovery Channel: This is far from the version that sorta just bought Warners:

9) The Masters: I'm typing this very quietly so we can show proper respect to the tradition of the event.

10) R.I.P. Barrie Youngfellow and Nehemiah Persoff:

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