Tuesday, April 26, 2022

This Day (yesterday) in TV History: The end of two eras on ABC

On  April 25, 1992, 30 years ago tonight--er, last night--two memorable sitcoms ended their runs on ABC, proving that the network was committed to destroying the American family!

OK, not really. To be honest, if you want to know what we thought of these programs--well, let's just say in 1992 they weren't part of my regular rotation (You can listen to our Growing Pains episode here, and as for Boss, we haven't gotten to it yet). Millions of viewers did watch and enjoy them, though, so it was a big deal for the shows, even past their primes, to end on the same night. Each show got a two-episode finale, with Boss actually concluding a 3-parter that began the week before.

Growing Pains had 7 seasons and 166 episodes, while Who's Da Boss? ran 8 seasons and 196! That's a whole lot of television history ABC said goodbye to 30 years ago. Each series had been moved to Saturday night by now, and the big dogs in the family sitcom category on the network aired Tuesdays: Top 10 hits Full House, Home Improvement, Roseanne, and Coach. Hmm, maybe ABC was committed to destroying the American family.

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