Monday, December 26, 2022

Power Rankings: Wrapping Up the 12 Days of Christmas Watching 2022

Many of you are off work today, and if you desire some holiday listening, we'd love you to spend part of your day with the podcast. You can find a list of seasonal episodes in this post!

As for me, my holiday watching was a lot different this year, and I wasn't able to get many of my usual specials into the mix, but the 12 Days of Watching gave me a lot of new episodes and plenty of enjoyment! To wrap up the festivities, here is my list of favorites, bottom to top (not counting the commercials):

10) Saturday Night Live: Do I need to see this again? Not unless I am producing a George Foreman documentary. Or a Janeane Garafolo one.

9) Gimme a Break: Nell's Joeymania killed this one for me.

8) Solid Gold Christmas Special 1982: Loved it for what it was, but it might be one and done. After all, I have many other Solid Gold  Christmas episodes to watch!

7) Siskel and Ebert: They just really did not like Christmas Vacation.

6) Hollywood Palace: Can't go wrong with Bing this time of year!

5) Donny and Marie Christmas: I enjoyed this way more than I expected or cared to admit. This is a toss-up with Palace.

4) The Love Boat: Cheesy, corny, often absurd...In other words, classic Love Boat.

3) Wonder Woman: I am not sure this will be a perennial in this house, but what an epsiode! It's more toy-centric than Yule-centric, but I loved watching it.

2) The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet: A tremendous episode that I can see revisiting in future years.

1) Sale of the Century: Call me crazy...crazy for DEALS! I had a blast watching this episode, and though I may not need to see it again anytime soon, this was minute for minute the most Christmasy fun I had in the 12 Days.

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  1. I watched some Jack Benny Christmas episodes. I especially liked the one from 1954 in which he goes shopping.