Friday, December 9, 2022

R.I.P. Penelope

On one hand, I hate to write this not even a year after saying goodbye to our beloved cat Merle, but then again I am glad to say a few words about another Pet of the Show, chihuahua Penelope. We just said bye to her yesterday.

Actually, Penelope and Merle are linked not only because Laurie and I were fortunate to enjoy their love. Their appearances on the podcast were intertwined because I believe the majority of Penelope's rare "guest spots" on the show were direct results of her being annoyed by Merle. Unlike that hammy cat, who loved the attention, Penelope had no desire to be on air, but I think we caught some of her aggrieved barks anyway! maybe Merle was just trying to get her some pod time!

I don't think she enjoyed classic TV, and we recorded our Run Joe Run episode before I met her, but I want to think she supported the podcast anyway. She befriended Mike and even his own pet--or maybe she just didn't notice the presence of an extra animal until way after the fact. She was almost 19, after all, and her senses weren't quite as sharp as Heinrich of Midvale's.

We loved her, though, and she loved us. Laurie and I will miss her more than I can express right now, but I want to mention her and acknowledge her part in Battle of the Network Shows. She didn't do research, she didn't watch the shows, and she made only occasional background yips, but just being our princess and being there for Laurie and I made her an essential part of everything in my life. I'll ask you once again to raise a Lowenbrau or your beverage of choice, and maybe just give your own pet an extra pat on the head today. Farewell, Penelope.

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