Sunday, December 25, 2022

Top Ten #209 "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Top Ten Today" edition

1) A Charlie Brown Christmas: Still the greatest.

2) Santa Claus shilling for NBC: Hey, if HE likes Remington Steele...

3) Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki: The Carson Estate posted the 1969 wedding last week:

4) Opening Night: What a lineup on this special that aired 50 years ago tonight on CBS! Sammy Davis and Milton Berle were among the acts featured:

5) Kennedy Center: An even better lineup appeared 40 years ago tonight on the pre-taped Kennedy Center Honors special, including Gregory Hines, Johnny Cash, and more saluting Benny Goodman. Gene Kelly, and more!

6) Silver Spoons: And how about THIS lineup on NBC 40 years ago tonight: Mr. T and John P. Navin Jr. in this rerun. Mike and I talk about this episode here.

7) William Shatner: Please remember to practice good tree safety this and every year!

8) The Waltons: Enjoy a marathon this afternoon on Me-TV. I love the one where Old Man Walton wins a major award that turns out to be a leg lamp.

9) Immaculate Reception: December 23, 1972! Is it the greatest play in NFL history? Perhaps. If you're a Steeler fan--and why wouldn't you be--it's up there.

10) Humphrey Bogart: Not TV of the 70s and 80s, but it's Bogart, and he was born today, so he makes it!

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