Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Happy birthday, James Garner!

Is there a more beloved television star than James Garner? We'll get around to talking about him on the podcast someday. I can't vouch for how he was in person--though I hear good things, and he comes off like a stand-up guy in his memoir--but he is just so dadgum likable even when playing a flawed or even roguish fella.  It's no wonder he was such an effective pitchman:

Even when he is just smiling and rubbing his hands together in anticipation of a nice steak (can we offer you a bottle a' Lowenbrau?), he's charming. We all know that despite the efforts of Us to prove otherwise, celebrities are not  real people*, but if you are gonna do an ad campaign built around the slogan "real food for real people," this guy is a great choice.

Happy birthday to the late James Scott Bumgarner, born this day in 1928!

*Except Robert Pine. We know for a fact HE is a real person.

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