Saturday, April 4, 2020

New to streaming video in April (don't get excited)

So after consulting different sources and doing some good old-fashioned wearing out of thumb leather by using my remote control, here is what is new to the world of U.S. streaming video in 1970s and 1980s television this month:

Little House on the Prairie (all seasons) --  IMDB TV

Yes, that's it! At least that's all I found. Shout! Factory TV is touting Johnny Carson reruns on its channel, and that's cool, but those episodes and many more are already on Prime Video without ads.  And speaking of ads, this Little House thing isn't so special when you consider the series was on Prime Video proper (ad free, easier to find) until recently. 

Maybe we should be happy that more 70s and 80s shows didn't leave streaming services this month. Murder, She Wrote's first 5 seasons were on Prime before vanishing this week. Will the series move to Peacock, which, like the series, is owned by NBC Universal and has a limited launch on April 15? We'll see.  In fact, let's keep a close eye on all those "throwback" series like Buck Rogers and The Six Million Dollar Man that are currently free on

So there isn't much to get excited about so far in April, but maybe Peacock will not just poach the series NBC has licensed out to other streaming services but will add multiple series that currently are not streaming anywhere. Otherwise, April is looking like a big disappointment for retro TV fans who hoped that some more vintage material might be made available this month.

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