Sunday, April 26, 2020

Top Ten #65

1) The Krypton Factor: Hat tip to John from our Facebook group for posting a link to the debut episode of this short-lived adaptation of a British game show.  It's all about finding the pinnacle of human part with trivia questions and asking the participating warriors to recall dialogue from The Legend of the Lone Ranger.

2) Carol Burnett: Happy birthday to the legend best known for her long-running CBS--you know, I haven't even finished the entry and somewhere Harvey Korman is already breaking up.

3) Honky in the House: I don't care how good this book by former Jeffersons writer Jay Moriarty is, that title alone puts it on the shortlist for best of the year.

4) Madeline Khan: Also on our Facebook group, we discussed who you might "draft" to build a TV show around, and while there were some great answers (join us to learn more!), this one by Friend of the Show Dann intrigued me most because it never would have crossed my mind.

5) ALF: It's National Kids and Pets Day, AND this series was just added to Prime Video again. Oh, ALF was totally a pet. Everyone knows Brian was the real force in that household.

6) Three's Company: Antenna TV celebrates the sitcom (which we celebrated here) with a marathon today. I celebrate it by posting this old Pizza Hut ad featuring Richard Kline:

7) John Barbour: The former Real People star was on TV Confidential again last week, and while I can't say I understood everything he was talking about, he sure had a lot of energy. His memoir is called Your Mother's Not a Virgin, which is almost as good a title as Honky in the House.

8) Shirley Knight: R.I.P. She was nominated for an Emmy for her role in this 1980 Vanessa Redgrave telefilm:

9) HBO MAX: It finally has a launch date: May 27. The announced slate of new programs is weak, and I am not thrilled by Big Bang Theory, so I am anxious to see how deep into the catalog they go, Surely this is the streaming return of Warner Archive Instant faves like McLain's Law, The Man from Atlantis, and of course:

10) Growing Pains/Who's the Boss: Both sitcoms ended this day in April, and I think we can all agree that ABC's "Things That make You Go..." promotional branding campaign gave each show the gravity it deserved.

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