Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Promo Theatre: The George Jefferson Museum and Vera dunks Henry!

Here's a cool CBS promo that wasn't online when we discussed the Jeffersons. You get a brief glimpse of one of the episodes we cover:

This promo touts CBS' lineup for November 29, 1981, and The Jeffersons looks like the winner on that Sunday night.  It's interesting that both Archie Bunker's Place and One Day at a Time have the first of two-part episodes. A highlight is Archie Bunker telling Stephanie's father to get out. It's nice to see the distaff side of the "booked two dates for the same night--oh, no" plot on One Day at a Time.

On Alice, I can't condone a promo that mentions Mel but doesn't show Mel, even if time is limited. And I do admit I am intrigued by Vera pushing Henry's face into--what is that? A mixing bowl? Did Mel start serving his chili in mixing bowls? It looks tense on Trapper, but I have to investigate this Alice situation.

Is Henry the friend who gives a bad check? I can't believe that. There must be extenuating circumstances!

According to IMDB: Vera cashes a check for an old boyfriend that bounces.

Whew! Henry is off the hook.  Yet he still winds up with a faceful of something. Vera is outraged!

You know, Flo should have kept a bowl of grits handy so when she got the urge to lash out at a regular, she could yell, "Kiss my grits,": while actually forcing the offender to kiss her grits.

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