Friday, April 17, 2020

Show Notes: List-o-Rama: Action Figures We'd Like to See

*Here are our picks for toys we would have liked to have had THEN:

1) Tales of the Gold Monkey
2) Voyagers!
3) The Year Without a Santa Claus

4) Dungeons and Dragons (the animated series)

5) Thundaar the Barbarian

1) The Greatest American Hero
2) Mike Torello from Crime Story
3) Mel Sharples from Alice
4) Eddie Murphy as Gumby
5) Dick Enberg

Honorable mentions: Plastic Man, Gary Gnu, Fat Albert, The Odd Couple playset

*The Golden Girls action figures now in stores come from Neca.

*Mike found this look at prototype Greatest American Hero toys that never really made it to shelves.

*These Year Without a Santa Claus toys came way too late for our tastes.

*This official board game came with figures from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon:

And now here are our picks for toys we want to see NOW (if not sooner):

1) Search a la Mego Star Trek
2) The Sandbaggers
3) Spider-Woman with mystery villain assortment
4) Universal detectives (Columbo, Quincy, Rockford, etc.)
5) In Search Of... with various Leonards and various show subjects

Honorable mentions: Pray for the Wildcats dirtbike action set, BOTNS Genius Award collection (including Marjoe with real hair), Lego Cheers set

1) Late Night with David Letterman playset
2) Battle of the Network Stars
3) Don Cornelius
4) Bob Uecker
5) Paul Williams as Allison Troy

Honorable mentions: Edna Garrett, Sam the Butcher, Disco Paul Lynde

*There is in fact a Robert Conrad toy, though not in track outfit, but as James West from a 1997 "best of the West" line.

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