Thursday, April 9, 2020

Promo Theatre: Brian Dennehy is "The Star of the Family"

Brian Dennehy is a fine actor, a commanding presence who has enriched many productions over the years. He's not known as a sitcom star, though.  He WAS one back in 1982, though--the Star of the Family.

The show lasted a mere 10 episodes in the fall of 1982 on ABC, but this promo makes it a must-see. First, you have that classic sitcom take, with Dennehy looking towards the camera, doing a great face palm gesture, and muttering, "Oh, boy." I think I could watch Brian Dennehy mutter, "Oh, boy," for a half-hour. If it's the climax of some sitcom hijinks, well, then all the better!

(By the way, that is not Paul McCartney on Joanie Loves Chachi)

Let's not overlook the notion that guest star Joanna Kerns is interested in both Dennehy's character and his son (Michael Dudikoff!) despite the fact that the two guys look nothing alike. Perhaps they are more alike than I can glean from just this promo. I'm sure the writers have a rational explanation for why Kerns is attracted to both men!

Here's a little more of Star of the Family, created by Rick Mitz, author of The Great TV Sitcom BookHarry and Wally's Favorite TV Shows writes the series "goes to show that TV historians should probably stick to chronicling past shows and leave the creative writing to others." OUCH!

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