Monday, October 26, 2020

Chuck Brown's Pumpkin Time: One of my favorite moments

 Let's kick off Halloween Week with one of my favorite moments from one of my favorite animated specials.  If there's one bright side to the Big Three of Peanuts holiday programs going to streaming video and off broadcast television, it's the wake-up call it seemed to give so many: Hey, we watch these and treasure them every year.

This little bit gets me each time I see it.  The gang is having a Halloween bash, and while Lucy and Violet look at a pumpkin and strike a contemplative pose, look who comes running out of nowhere like a bat out of hell:

All right, these screencaps are terrible. Apologies for my old-school DVD, but I'm sure glad I have it/ You know why? Because it means i don't have to count on a broadcast network showing it in and likely chopping it up.

I love this moment because Charlie is just running through the room yelling with his arms raised for no apparent reason. What is he doing? What's going on at this party? If Charlie, a guy who is often fairly reserved, is carrying on like this, what is happening in the other room?

People often remember the "grown-up" moments of the holiday specials, like Linus' sermon at the end of A Charlie Brown Christmas, but times like this remind you that they are kids, after all. Maybe it's no wonder we never see adults around here!

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