Sunday, October 18, 2020

Top Ten #90

1) Lt. Columbo: One of the best characters in TV history and also one of the biggest pains in the butt--but in a good way. if you didn't get enough of him from our podcast this week, here's another glimpse:

2) Leonard Nimoy: As we discussed this week, Nimoy's Barry Mayfield (yep, I get joy from writing that name as well as saying it) is one of the series' best villains, and seeing him match up with Columbo is a riot.

3) DeForest Kelley: Just because we talked about Shatner and Nimoy on the podcast this week, and I feel bad Kelley wasn't on Columbo.

4) The BBC: Founded on this day in 1922 for--as far as those of us in the States are aware--the express purpose of running Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances hundreds of times a year.

5) Pam Dawber: Happy birthday to the underrated straight man of the Mork and Mindy team.

6) Nita Talbot: She is one of the more interesting parts of "A Stitch in Crime."

7) Supermarket Sweep: Finally, because...someone demanded it, a revamp of this one premieres on ABC tonight. My own criterion for a good game show: Was Orson Bean on it? If not, it probably isn't worthwhile.

8) Tom Kennedy: If they made a game show called Who Hosted the Most Game Shows? he would have to have made the speed round. R.I.P.

9) Louis Gossett: I for one had no idea he did Oreo commercials in the Eighties:

10) Conchata Ferrell: R.I.P. to the popular actress, who was in many, many things before Two and a Half Men, none of which had a theme this awesome:

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