Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Looking at the new RetroFan magazine

My favorite magazine going today is TwoMorrows' excellent bimonthly RetroFan. Each issue features stunning design, glossy pages, bright colors, and most importantly tremendous material covering retro movies, music, toys, collectibles...and of course television!

The current issue's main feature is Fifty Years of Shaft, which mentions the CBS telemovies with Richard Roundtree, and it also contains interviews with Family Affair's Kathy Garver and Geri Reischl (AKA Fake Jan) from The Brady Bunch Hour.  

There's a great piece on Godzilla toys which touches on the NBC cartoon series and a story on humorous presidential campaigns showcasing Pat Paulsen. I love the Will Murray article pointing out similarities between Spider-Man and pulp hero The Spider, and there is much, much more to enjoy here.

My favorite article once again is Andy Mangels' look at network Saturday morning preview specials. This issue's part 2 focuses on 1978-1983, combining research and commentary to provide an entertaining view of a longtime television staple. It leaves you wanting more not because Mangels' work is lacking, but because so many of these specials are rare and unavailable for viewing.

it may be tough to find this September 2020 issue in a store right now, but if you head over to the company's website, they have print and digital versions as well as other fine publications like Back Issue. I say this only as a satisfied subscriber: Head on over there and tell 'em BOTNS sent ya!

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