Sunday, October 11, 2020

Top Ten #89

1) Evel Knievel: The subject of our podcast this week broke about umpteen bones over the course of his career. Were you not entertained? 

2) Jim McKay: One of the other stars of this week's episode, the classy McKay was the iconic host of Wide World of Sports, and it's hard to find anyone who said a bad word about him (except maybe in Mike's family?).  So let's see of we can critique his performance in his commentary after the 1980 Miracle on Ice.

No, I can't do it. Classy as always.

3) Saturday Night Live: This day in 1975, NBC's venerable late-night comedy/variety series premiered, meaning it has been on the air for 45 seasons--many of them watchable.

4) Biography: I Want My MTV on A&E:  I just saw this documentary this week, and though you have every reason to be skeptical--a network that lost its way produces a show about a network that lost its way--it's excellent and well worth your time if you enjoyed the early days of the network.  Er, the one that lost its way.  Er, MTV.

5) Happy Days/Brady Bunch/Cheers: Hey remember when MTV stopped showing videos and began a steady spiral into pointlessness? Why do I bring that up now? No reason.

Oh, by the way, these 3 classic sitcoms are coming to...Hallmark Drama.

6) Webster: On this day 35 years ago, the classic episode "Alien" premiered on ABC. Now, I have never seen this one, but I can tell it's a classic after reading this summary on IMDB:

While George prepares for an IRS audit, Webster becomes convinced that he is from Jupiter after reading an article in a tabloid newspaper that Rob shows him.

7) Frank Gifford: Let's also salute Wide World announcer and frequent Evel commentator Frank Gifford, who expressed genuine concern for the guy who exhibited self-destructive behavior.  I guess it was good prep for being in the booth with Cosell and Don Meredith.

8) David Morse: Happy birthday to the hard-luck doc from St. Elsewhere, which we discussed a few seasons ago.

9) Who's the Boss: The comedy debuted on Antenna TV this week, and over-the-air television hasn't been the same since!

10) The New Twilight Zone: Decades' Weekend Binge is a marathon of the 1985 version of the show, which didn't exactly disprove our theory that anything with "new" in the title is probably going to disappoint.

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