Saturday, October 10, 2020

YouTube Spotlight: Evel's rival Super Joe Einhorn

One of the clips in our video playlist this week is a brief look at 1970s daredevil cyclist Super Joe Einhorn:

According to, Einhorn had a wild stunt jumping career that was cut short when he suffered brain damage in a crash in Illinois. The accident retired him just before his proposed jump over Niagra Falls in a cycle that looked a heck of a lot more like a cycle than Evel's Skycycle.

The same page mentions a challenge Einhorn made to Knievel to start with 16 cars and then keep adding cars until one of them crashed! Super Joe was even on Wide World of Sports (Evel was a commentator on at least one jump!) several times in the 1970s, though he seems forgotten to most nowadays. 


  1. I knew Joe because I dated his roommate, Doug. Saw him once after the that time they lived in Richmond CA

    1. Thanks for commenting! I knew very little about Super Joe until we did this episode and explored the stunt cycling phenomenon a little bit.

    2. what was his last name? not Wallace?