Monday, October 12, 2020

My 5 favorite Wide World of Sports Events (that I have not seen)

On our latest podcast, we discuss some of the wide array of events covered on ABC's Wide World of Sports as it spanned the globe for decades. I spanned the Internet for a few minutes to seek out some of these sports, and these are my 5 favorites:

Cycloball: One of the many events listed here on ESPN. Wikipedia lists it as airing February 1964 and has it as two words: cyclo ball.  I am pretty sure this is soccer on bicycles, which is impressive but not as cool as "cycloball" sounds.

Fireman's competition: Venerable Keith Jackson called at least one of these on the show.

Frog jumping: I remember when Peter and Bobby were prepping for a big frog competition on The Brady Bunch! This was presumably major league frog jumping, though.

Rattlesnake hunt: Does this have anything to do with Stone Cold Steve Austin?

International Bikini Sports Competition:  This is listed on Wikipedia as being on the program in February of 1972, but it's not on the ESPN site, and it's not hard to imagine why. Please tell me Keith Jackson announced this.

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