Saturday, May 29, 2021

3 classics I'd like to see streaming in June 2021

So far, the classic TV picture for June 2021 looks dim. Where are all the Sony shows that were said to be coming to Hulu? When will Peacock and Paramount Plus start adding series from their huge back catalogs? The biggest disappointment for me is that on the list I saw, Tubi has no "new old" TV series coming in June.

There can be surprises, thoguh, so with that in mind here are 3 reasonable guesses/wishlist items we might see in June (with full awareness that I whiffed on Hulk, Maverick, and Riptide last month).

1) Mannix on Paramount Plus: Some ya-hoo from CBSViacom, or is it ViacomCBS, announced here that this streamer, which still seems stuck in the past, will add 1,000 movies in June, adding, "They're real movies, not deep library." 

This guy is a CEO! What chance do we have of getting old TV shows on here when a bigwig is bragging that the upcoming catalog dump is REAL movies--in other words, the same stuff that's been recycled on TV and streaming for the last decade. What a horrible comment. Yet maybe we'll get lucky and find a vintage series buried in with The Avengers.  

(That's the Ralph Fiennes/Uma Thurman flop based on the TV show that won't be coming to Paramount Plus in June, not one of the mega blockbuster Marvel movies.)

2) That's My Mama on Crackle: If Hulu isn't yet ready to get Sony library shows like Riptide, maybe Crackle can re-add this 1974 sitcom a la its surprise add of Grady in May. Anything with Theodore Wilson is worth watching.

3) Ball Four: While we wait for all those cool MGM shows to come to Prime Video (uh-huh), Amazon can throw us a bone by adding this short-lived 1976 sportscom with Jim Bouton. We have talked about this on the podcast; I want to see it, but Mike actually did see it. 

Is this a long shot? Sure, but last year Amazon added On Our Own, an obscure short-lived sitcom also produced by Time-Life Television, so why not? Amazon owes me something for moving so much content away from Prime Video to ad-supported IMDB-TV.

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