Sunday, May 30, 2021

Top Ten #118

1) The great outdoors: In our Facebook group, we just discussed this compilation of new Fall TV in 1974, and, wow, the frontier and the wide-open outdoor spaces are big in '74 with the likes of The New Land, Little House on the Prairie, Kodiak, and Sierra.

2) Gabe Kaplan: On the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, he went into one of the biggest events of the 20th century: the argument with Bob Conrad on Battle of the Network Stars!

3) Ted McGinley: Happy birthday to the veteran performer who absolutely never killed a show. And I'm not just saying that because I'm afraid that now the podcast will be canceled tomorrow morning.

4) The Waltons: Given that The CW just announced a new Waltons special coming later in 2021, now would be a good time to celebrate the original--wait, that's right. Prime Video yanked it right after we did an episode on it and got interested.

5) Tony Danza: What a joy it was watching Danza guest-host The Tonight Show in 1987, asking probing questions to Burt Reynolds like, "Sex scenes--what's up with that?" I'm sure Johnny wasn't rushing home from his vacation to reclaim his spot.

6) Wally Cox: Or is it Tyrone Power? Watch this great ad for Jockey:

7) Ralph Carter: Happy birthday to the star of Good Times and--never forget--singer of a pretty groovy disco tune or two.

8) Lorna Patterson: Do we need a reason? (BTW, I just found out she was married to Michael Lembeck after her marriage to BOTNS fave Robert Ginty!)

9) The Rookies: Decades is about the only place to see this series, and it has a marathon in progress right now.

10) MGM: Will we see the likes of Fame on Prime Video now?

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