Sunday, May 9, 2021

Top Ten #115:

1) Mother's Day: Happy day to all the mothers out there, and thank you from your grateful children! We remind you of the existence of the Dennis the Menace special aired 40 years ago in 1981 if you're disappointed to find there is no Charlie Brown Mother's Day show.

2) Cheers: Rolling Stone ranked the top 100 sitcoms EVER, and to me the top 10 looks solid. If we're not counting The Simpsons as a 1980s show--and so far, we are not--#2 Cheers is the highest BOTNS show on the list. So add this to its multiple Battys in the Cheers trophy case.

3) NBC's Hour Glass (1946): Did you know that 75 years ago today, the first hourlong network program premiered? it did, and no footage exists, but we're gonna pre-empt Murder Monday tomorrow to talk more about it.

4) CBS 1970s sitcoms: Speaking of that Rolling Stone list, All in the Family, MASH, and MTM are 5-7 on that list. Poor Bob Newhart--his show is 'only" 26 (Newhart doesn't make it). The Jeffersons is 48, WKRP is 79, Maude is 68, and in a huge surprise for me, Good Times is 60.

5) The 1971 Emmy Awards: NBC broadcast the 23rd edition of the ceremony, hosted by Johnny Carson, 50 years ago tonight, with the big winner The Bold Ones: The Senator (!) and All in the Family.

6) James L. Brooks: Happy 80th birthday to the influential producer/director who had a hand, or at least a finger, in so many seminal shows. And, hey, guess who won one of those Emmy Awards in 1971?

7) FilmRise TV Classics: An app available on Roku and other platforms is a repository for all the Peter Rodgers Organization properties that have been floating around (Celebrity Bowling, Movin' On, etc.) and now That Girl and others.  This article says it's getting Make Room for Daddy, and I hope that's coming soon because the show recently left Prime Video.

8) Alley Mills: Happy birthday to the former star of The Associates and The Wonder Years. Because it's Mother's Day, let's look at her accepting an award for the latter:

9) Jaleel White: This week, a story made the rounds that he didn't feel welcomed by the cast of Family Matters when he joined as Urkel. I'm not sure how I feel about that. It's a shame if he felt uncomfortable on the set--I mean, regardless of how you feel about the character, he was barely a teenager at the time--but if you're gonna try to make me think negative thoughts about Reginald VelJohnson, well, it ain't happening.

10) Billie Hayes: R.I.P. 

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