Thursday, May 20, 2021

Mascots and Merch: Meet Rewind Stubbs

We'd like to officially introduce you to the brand-new, retro-futuristic, super-duper official Battle of the Network Shows mascot Rewind Stubbs! The inimitable, super-talented cartoonist, painter, puppet-maker, and wood carver Hobbes Holluck designed and illustrated for us (with some guidance from our Blue Ribbon Mascot Committee), and we couldn't be happier with the final results. We think it captures the essence of a lot of what we love from the BOTNS era: cartoons, Muppets, TVs, VCRs, and of course roller skates.

We also held a naming contest in our Facebook Group. The suggestions included: The Batty Bottie (or Botty), Batty McBattface, Bosley, Warren "Botsie" Weber, Nettie, Worky, Rewind Stubbs, and Gary Sandy (or was it Patrick Simmons?). After the nominating period, group members voted, and Rewind Stubbs emerged victorious.

The creator of the name Rewind Stubbs sent the suggestion via our mailbag and wishes to remain anonymous but had this to offer as a pitch:

  1. The mascot's TV-shaped body resembles Rerun's roly-polyness (though I don’t recall whether he roller-skated).
  2. The reference to rewinding hearkens back to the VCR era during which the very shows you focus on originally aired.
  3. C'mon, it's catchy!
Hard to argue with any of that, and the fun doesn't stop there. The winner will receive a fabulous prize featuring Rewind from our brand-new TeePublic Store! That's right, folks. You can now get official BOTNS merch, everything from t-shirts to phone cases, coffee mugs, throw pillows and even...tapestries. If you're looking for a way to support the show or have a BOTNS fan in your life, we hope you'll consider something from the BOTNS store.

Rewind Stubbs!

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