Sunday, May 16, 2021

Top Ten #116

1) Here Come the Double Deckers: Of all the 1971 Saturday morning shows we talk about in this week's bonus episode, this may have captured our imagination the most.

2) Norman Lloyd: Here's another number: 106, as in the actor, one of the ones we praised in our St. Elsewhere episode, left us this week at the age of 106. It had to happen sooner or later, but I think some of us were starting to wonder. R.I.P.

3) Tina Turner: Congratulations to new Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, who in addition to being one of the biggest music video stars of the 1980s was also in the short-lived but notable sitcom Mr. T and Tina.

Wait, being told that was not her. Well, she was on a lot of other TV shows in the Seventies and Eighties.

4) The Texas Rangers: 40 years ago tonight, NBC aired this "contemporary Western" pilot that starred Richard Farnsworth, Larry Gilman, and Jim Sundberg (added that last one to see if you were paying attention).

5) National Biographer's Day: Wouldn't you love to see David McCullough do a huge bio on, say, Michael J. Fox?

6) Donahue: My top YouTube watch of the week is this great episode from featuring Verne Gagne and other AWA wrestlers, including then-champ Nick Bockwinkel and a young Hulk Hogan. What a disappointment, though, that Donahue doesn't take a bump. I mean, come on, at least a gentle airplane spin or something. Maybe Hogan was releasing pent-up frustration from this episode when he dropped Richard Belzer.

7) Filmation: When we explored Saturday mornings of the 1970s, we saw that Rankin-Bass was still strong, but, man, Filmation was dominating.

8) Tomfoolery: Kind of a kiddie version of Laugh-In, this 1971 show also intrigued us.

9) T.J. Hooker: I think Decades runs a Hooker-thon every month. Well, another one is happening right now! T.J. is always on the case.

10) The Pink Panther: I feel like he was one of the biggest stars of the era who faded a bit. The cartoons are still floating around, though, and now he is part of Me-TV's new cartoon lineup.

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