Sunday, May 2, 2021

Top Ten #118

1) The Jim Nabors Show: After being way too excited about several episodes making their way to YouTube recently, I can now enjoy the old syndicated talk/variety show on Crackle!

With frequent commercial interruption. And maybe music subs.

Wait, why am I so happy about this again?

2) Arbor Day: Let's put aside our collective disappointment that Apple Plus didn't bother with It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown and instead think about the true meaning of Arbor Day:

3) Rewind TV: Antenna TV's spinoff subchannel focusing on the 1980s and 1990s now has a launch date: September 1.

4) Don Rickles: Mr. Warmth is Mr. May on Shout! TV, which added 4 of his 1970s TV specials as well as CPO Sharkey to its streaming library. You get yelled and insulted each time you click on an episode.

5) Fantasy Island: The entire run of the original is now on Tubi TV after those misers at Crackle only gave us a couple seasons at a time. It's almost like the realization of a...of a...what do they call it when you want you dream of something and hope it happens someday? Ah, yes--a wish!

6) Arson Awareness Week: Consider yourself awared! Also consider yourself wanting to see this movie again:

7) Father Dowling Mysteries: Decades has a marathon all weekend for those who need respite from the intensity and thematic heaviness of Murder, She Wrote.

8) Grady: This one came out of nowhere: Crackle also added the short-lived Sanford and Son spinoff, albeit with the same missing episode (I think a Christmas one) that never seems to be available. More Whitman Mayo is always welcome around here.

9) Free Comic Book Day: I didn't celebrate yesterday (Arbor Day Weekend plans, you know), but maybe we should make today Comic Book TV Show Day and start by watching one of these:

10) Olympia Dukakis: Rest in peace.

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