Sunday, May 23, 2021

Top Ten #117

1) Holmes and Yo-yo: My household was split when we watched the pilot of this seminal John Schuck series recently. I loved it; she was wrong.

2) Eight Is Enough finale: 40 years ago tonight, the nation said good-bye to Eight Is Enough. The show didn't say anything back, but if it did, would it have done an extended Waltons joke with everyone in the case saying it to us and to each other as well? You know what, the show was running out of steam at that point, and I bet it would have.

3) Barbara Barrie: OK, so I didn't exactly shower with praise on our Tucker's Witch episode. She is an accomplished actress who deserves props on her birthday.  Have a happy one!

4) The Ice Palace (1971): 50 years ago tonight, this unusual program premiered.on CBS: A variety show featuring Ice Capades performers and various guest acts. If the first episode didn't feature at least one of them saying, "Ice to see you!" well, then we know why it only lasted a few months.

5) World Turtle Day: Must...resist..typing...COWABU--

6) Rewind Stubbs: Have you met our new listener-named mascot? He's sweeping the nation, and you can find out more about him here!

7) Charles Kimbrough: Happy birthday to the performer best known for Jim Dial on Murphy Brown, and I has a class in college with someone called Jim Dial because of the supposed\ resemblance. Don't sleep on the Chef Boyardee ad, though:

8) Fog: Jay Sandrich directed this unsold comedy pilot from MGM with Scoey Mitchell, Robert Ayres G.W. Bailey, and Dick O'Neill as "a luxury captain who, after an accident at sea, is reduced to helming a tramp steamer until he can prove himself again." (Lee Goldberg's Unsold Television Pilots 1955-1989)

9) The Wonder Years: Since the reboot has landed a place on ABC's Fall 2021 schedule, it's a good time to appreciate the original.

10) Paul Mooney and Charles Grodin: R.I.P.

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