Monday, October 3, 2022

For Your Batty Consideration: Bosom Buddies

In our penultimate episode of this tenth season, we discussed a sitcom that seems much more remembered than it might merit at first glance. Bosom Buddies may not hold up as much as we would like it to, but in our discussion of the second-season episode "Waterballoongate," we talk about how ditching the attention-grabbing gimmick that sold the show led to a better show.


Our podcast episode
Show notes and YT playlist

Anonymous Batty Insider says: "Hanks and Scolari received Batty attention in past seasons, but they are underdogs here. They could play spoiler in a few categories, but I think Bosom Buddies might have to settle for that TV Land award it won. Part of me wishes Richard Nixon had actually guested in 'Waterballoongate' so that he'd be eligible."

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