Sunday, October 9, 2022

Top Ten #198: Special Post-Battys Edition!

1) It's Garry Shandling's Show: The big winner in both prestige (earning awards for Episode and Series) and volume (earning the most total Battys), this self-referential 1980s sitcom deserves a wider audience. Hopefully Garry, wherever he is, can accept losing the Outstanding Hair award to Michael Landon.

2) John Schuck: Special salute to the latest recipient of the Robert Pine Genius Award. If this doesn't get Munsters Today back on streaming, nothing will!

3) Nita Talbot: She has won 2 of the last 3 Outstanding Supporting Female Battys. Look out if we do Supertrain in Season 12!

4) Bea Arthur: There was Maude, there is Maude, and there always will be Maude in the Hall of the Immortals where the Outstanding Female winners reside. Maude--THEN. NOW. FOREVER.

5) Todd Bridges: Surely the most satisfying of all his comebacks is winning an Outstanding Youth Batty for something he did 40 years ago--uh, not this commercial, but this is still cool:

6) Jeff Goldblum: What more can you say about a man and his meat locker? Both won key Battys this week, and it's safe to say their performances carried It's Garry Shandling's Show to the big wins.

7) Moonlighting: Series creator Glenn Gordon Caron got everyone excited on Tuesday by teasing a big streaming announcement for Wednesday...only to deflate everyone by announcing that the process of trying to find a streamer was underway. Well, at least the botched reveal showed how many are enthusiastic about getting the series a platform.

8) Don Meredith: Current Monday Night Football analyst and ex-Cowboy Troy Aikman paid tribute to former MNF analyst and ex-Cowboy Meredith on Monday night:

9) TV Guide: A company called Fandom acquired TV Guide last week, and while the mag ain't what it used to be, we have great respect for its history around here.

10) R.I.P.: Loretta Lynn, Joan Hotchkiss, Judy Tenuta:

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